Modern Tiled Clean White & Mint Green Bedroom Design in ACNH - Best Villager House Interior Idea

4/14/2021 10:17:28 AM

When choosing the colors of bedroom floors and walls, cool colors like blue and green can produce a calming and relaxing effect, which makes you easier to take a rest. If you are looking for the best villager house interior idea in ACNH, this is a fully-tiled modern bedroom decoration in Animal Crossing New Horizons, with White Botanical-tile Wall and Blue Desert-tile Flooring, the color is fresh, comfortable, and not monotonous. White-colored ACNH furniture items such as Rattan Wardrobe, Rattan Bed, Rattan Vanity, Rattan Low Table, Tankless Toilet, Deluxe Washer, Whirlpool Bath, Rattan Towel Basket, and Bidet make the whole room look clean and feel good. You can also soak in the bath before sleeping. More ACNH villager house interiors are available at AKRPG. 

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