ACNH Yellow Kitchen Ideas - Bright Yellow Kitchen Design That Makes The Sun Shine Indoor

4/16/2021 5:53:42 PM

Tired of looking at the classic white or black kitchen in your house in Animal Crossing and feel starved for natural light? Why not add some room-warming colors like yellow ACNH furniture items, wallpaper, painting so as to invigorate your space with a sunshiny vibe? This video showcase the best ACNH yellow kitchen ideas that make the sunshine indoor in Animal Crossing!

The star in this kitchen is the Groovy Wall, making space look larger, which matches the yellow Double Sofa while offsetting the stainless countertop. Underfoot are customized wood floor tiles in shades of brown match the sunflower rug which represents the sunshine theme. Modern yellow bar stools are the perfect playful pop and look great contrasting with a neutral kitchen. The yellow Rocket Lamp, yellow telephone, brown Rattan Table Lamp, yellow Mini DIY Workbench around offsets the yellow Refrigerator. There are also some red features, including the candle, fruits, toy car sprinkle on exuberance. If you like this ACNH yellow kitchen design, start from now to build your own kitchen, give it the chance to shine bright with the color yellow!

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