ACNH Classroom (Monitoring Room & Office) Designs - Best Animal Crossing House Ideas

4/19/2021 7:16:22 PM

Creating a school classroom or computer room on the island of Animal Crossing New Horizons is a very interesting and creative idea. Especially on modernized, industrialized, or terrorist-themed islands, these surveillance room-like designs are highly sought after. And creating such a computer room is very simple. For example, in this design, the creator used Office Desks, Desktop Computers, Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Security-monitors Wall, and Pine-board Flooring to build a complete monitoring room. On this basis, you can add some additional decorations to meet the needs of the design theme you want. For example, if you want to create a creepy monitoring room on your horror island, you can add some messy or bloodstained designs on the floor or other items; and if you want to replicate the busy IT room to your ACNH house, you can place some office themed items. Anyway if you want to get these classroom-theme or office themed items, welcome to AKRPG.COM, where you can buy cheap Animal Crossing bells and items instantly. 

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