Colorful Checked Decor for ACNH Children's Room - Best Cute Kidcore Design Ideas for Interior

4/30/2021 3:20:02 PM

Children's childhood is colorful, when you decorate a room for kids, different bright colors can be used, such as blue, green, pink, yellow and red. Now we release a new cute ACNH children's room design mainly with colorful checked decoration and lovely Animal Crossing items, you can use the checked furniture including Blue Quilt Wall, Yellow Checked Rug, Patchwork-tile Flooring, Wooden Simple Bed, and Wooden Mini Table. In addition, Wooden Chest, Wooden Low Table and Mom's Lively Kitchen Mat look safe and cute, match well with the kidcore room.  Wooden-block Stool, Wooden-block Toy, Toy Box and more toys and dolls are prepared for playing. 

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