ACNH Retro Rattan & Wood Living Room - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons House Design Ideas

5/14/2021 7:16:01 PM

Fast build a cozy room in Animal Crossing New Horizons, isn't the thing that everybody dreams of? If you don't have enough time but want to build a nice unique ACNH bedroom, here are the best bedroom & living room design ideas in Animal Crossing. This video showcases an ACNH vintage rattan room interior, this house is so simple to decorate but looks so cozy, that people would like to stay inside forever. For the furniture used a set of rattan-themed ACNH items including an Armchair, Bed, End Table, Low Table, and Rattan Waste Bin, if you want to place the rattan items on your rustic ratten Animal Crossing house design, buy ACNH furniture at AKRPG.COM. Another tip for enhancing the cottagecore vibe is placing botanic like Moss Ball, Cypress Plant, Fan Palm and Potted Ivy. The most important tip for this Animal Crossing New Horizons vintage house is the green painted-wood wall matches perfectly with rattan furniture and botanic, that's why this greenish ACNH living room is the best example of the best retro design.

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