ACNH Crescent-moon & Starry Bedroom Ideas - Best Summer Sleeping Room Design Ideas

5/24/2021 5:19:19 PM

Want to feel the starry sky at night even indoors? Want to get rid of all worries and fall asleep with dreams in summer? Watch this video showcasing the summer Crescent-moon & starry bedroom design ideas in ACNH.

Place a Log Bed with starry quilt and sheet, put a Crescent-moon Chair on the corner, a Starry Garland on the table and hang a Nova Light to turn your bedroom into starry heaven for sleeping. Home decorations like moon rug, Wooden Bookshelf, Gears, Artisanal Bug Cage, Mush Log and Emperor Butterfly Model and more add some characteristics to the room and make the room look less empty and monotonous. 

Hope the ACNH Crescent-moon & starry bedroom ideas for summer 2021 give you some inspiration on designing your own summer bedroom! All these ACNH items used in the starry bedroom are hot sale on at the cheapest price!

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