ACNH Frozen Concert & Recording Studio | Animal Crossing Ice Music Room Designs

5/25/2021 4:09:46 PM

This stunning music room feels incredibly inviting, thanks to the Ice Wall, Ice Flooring, Frozen Counter and musical instruments, and Red Carpet. 

If you are a music lover, replicate a music studio on Animal Crossing New Horizons to round out your perfect abode. You may have seen a lot of music studio designs on the Internet, but the recording room we shared today is absolutely amazing for you, which has a great combination of frozen furniture that nails the aesthetic, and it could also work well as a winter music festival stage. If you were able to obtain some large snowflakes during the winter, then you’re in luck. The ice concert is only a few steps away! If you don't have these frozen items in your inventory, buy ACNH items from us now.

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