ACNH Starry Cottagecore Log Room | Best Animal Crossing House Design Ideas

5/30/2021 11:57:57 PM

This is a beautiful log room, combining the purple starry vibe and cottage core theme perfectly.

As cottagecore has become a popular way of life, it is difficult to return to the natural and primitive farming life in real life. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, those log items such as log series furniture make the cottagecore vibe perfect for you. Presented in the house. In this design, the creator used white birch log items such as Log Extra-long Sofa, Log Decorative Shelves, Log Chair, Log Bed to create a cottagecore room. The most creative idea in this design is the use of purple Starry Wall and Starry Garland, which perfectly blends the natural wood color with the dreamy purple. Coupled with some cushions, umbrellas, candles, and other small decorations, the room is full of little fun.

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