Crescent-moon & Star Bedroom In Animal Crossin New Horizons - ACNH Cosmic Room Ideas

6/14/2021 11:59:15 AM

Want to live in a cosmic room and add some subtle lighting at the night? Take a look at this video showcasing the ACNH Crescent-moon bedroom & starry sky bedroom and you may find some inspiration. 

This is the Crescent-moon star bedroom, the wall with Starry Garlands are absolutely amazing, I was just so blown away by this room. If you are struggling to get your house ranking up that's out, just put a lot of the like astrological furniture in your house. The Crescent-moon Chair, Rattan Wardrobe, Rattan Vanity and Rattan Low Table. This is another room that had a very fascinating lighting dynamic too just like the arcade slash nightclub. There's so much illumination that comes from the furniture which is so cool. The Starry-sky Wall looks like the stars closer to you. Move faster than the ones underneath which gives it a feeling of depth, that's so cool. Lying on the Shell Bed makes you instantly the princess or prince. Placing a Grand Piano on the moon rug to add elegance to the cosmic bedroom & starry sky room in ACNH. While feeling the starry sky, you can also feel the beauty of music.

All the ACNH items showcased in the video are available on AKRPG at a cheap price. 

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