Simple ACNH Retro Style House | Best Animal Crossing House Design Ideas

6/30/2021 9:30:09 AM

This is a simple room. Wooden furniture is in the room. In the new perspective, the log items, pillows, cabinets, etc. are all filled with wood. There are children in the room, and there are tables and candles on the table, which are lit. Candles can make people feel happy, and a small independent room can be used as a sense of happiness, and you can take a short rest on the sofa. By decorating items Velvet Stool, Dark brown sofa, Den Desk, Bat Umbrella, Bamboo weaving chair,  Wall-mounted Candle, a unique space is created. The various log furniture combinations in this design, as well as the tabletop scene, umbrellas, candles, and flower-shaped socks, make the room full of home warmth. Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells, Items, and Nook Miles Tickets.

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