ACNH Living Room With Rattan Themed Furniture Items - Cozy Living Room In Animal Crossing New Horizons

7/13/2021 12:02:42 PM

Watch this video with showcasing the cozy living room with rattan furniture items ACNH. 

The plants in the corner, the leaves move when the fan on the wall hits them and they stop moving when it's not pointing at them. The details of this room are so fabulous: the Imperial Decorative Shelves on the wall, Rattan-themed furniture items, bed, chairs, table, lamp, towel basket, wardrobe, waste bin, vanity, etc. Take a look at the Hammock, this house is on like the very edge of the land near the beach. So if you are struggling to figure out how to decorate your home, maybe think about how you can use the exterior to kind of theme the interior and use some amazing cheap Animal Crossing items

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