Fancy ACNH Basement Arcade Lounge Bar (Indoor Club) | Best Animal Crossing Indoor Design

8/2/2021 7:51:38 PM

This Indoor Arcade Lounge Bar design idea is unique in concept and execution in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you like the concept of a sports bar in your basement to hang out with your friends? This vaporwave-themed basement club really stands out from other Animal Crossing room ideas. Starry-sky wallpapers and lounge bar may be one of the best combos for creating the perfect lounge space in your home, to add a twist to the indoor bar design. With the addition of an arcade with jukeboxes and Dj's Turntable, the creator reinvent the nightclub theme. And the attention to small details like the Coconut Juice and the Shaved-ice Maker is spectacular. Darkness and neon colors are a classic combo to evoke a bar atmosphere, which is presented perfectly with Floor Lights and Starry Garland. And in this indoor lounge, we can see far more eclectic elements in the room’s composition that still work perfectly with the concept. 

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