Best ACNH White Living Room Ideas - Summer Animal Crossing Modern Family Living Room Decor

8/7/2021 9:13:28 AM

The living room is where we stay a long time at home, people can watching TV, talk with family, and do some other things. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, most players would like to create a unique living room for their house, applying various styles such as cozy, cottagecore, modern, antique, etc. Today we bring a cool white ACNH living room design, with most of Animal Crossing items in the white variation, including a Double-door Refrigerator, Water Cooler, Rattan Waste Bin, Rattan Low Table, Box Corner Sofa, Box Sofa, Air Conditioner, Upright Piano, Iron Shelf. etc. This is a typical modern living room decoration, also adding sports equipment like Treadmill and plant items like Anthurium Plant, making it more like a real family living room. 

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