Cottagecore ACNH Hotel House Design - Best Animal Crossing Restaurant Ideas

8/13/2021 5:47:06 PM

Doesn't it look like a hotel house? This ACNH interior design is a good idea for creating a restaurant room or modern apartment, the house is divided into three parts, you can sleep on the bed, take a shower, watch TV and make some food. It mainly applies gray and brown tones to the decoration, such as the Gray-striped Wall and Skull-print Flooring. There are many high-level healthy ACNH furniture items made of wooden and log materials, such as Wooden Double Bed (custom), Log Chair (custom), Rattan Vanity, Wooden Wardrobe, Rattan End Table and Rattan Low Table. The bathroom is included in the room, with Bathroom Towel Rack and Shower Set installed. For the last area, there are a Gas Range, Microwave, and Simple Kettle.

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