Bright Sunlight ACNH Kitchen & Dining Room Design - Best ACNH Decorating Ideas

8/21/2021 5:52:53 PM

Take a look at this ACNH black kitchen which may give some inspiration for the design of the dining room or decorating ideas in Animal Crossing, the use of the CafĂ©-curtain Wall allow us to see great sunlight from the outdoor and make the black kitchen look bright. The decoration style of this room is modern and cool, applying black and white ACNH furniture set, including Microwave, System Kitchen, Magnetic Knife Rack, Pot Rack, Dish-drying Rack, Iron Shelf, Table Setting, Rice Cooker, Soup Kettle, Stovetop Espresso Maker, and Iron Wall Rack. The unity of colors makes the whole room look clean and harmonious. More kitchen styles are available in our ACNH theme packs category. 

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