ACNH Cottagecore Rustic Rattan Room Design | Best Animal Crossing New Horizons House Ideas

8/23/2021 9:12:14 PM

This ACNH Elegant Rural Rattan Room is an ideal choice for islands in rustic countryside style, forest overgrown or cottagecore themes, and also very suitable for cozy fall theme island. The natural beauty of Rattan set furniture can always easily restore the elegant atmosphere from the countryside. The addition of Blue Floral Flooring is very creative, bringing a lively atmosphere to the room, but in harmony with the brown furniture. The creator almost used the entire set of Rattan series items, Rattan Waste Bin, and other small accessories in this design to show a more real sense of life. And the villager photos and Autograph Cards hanging on the wall make Blue Simple-cloth Wall not monotonous.

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