Cozy & Cute ACNH Living Room Design - Best House Design Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons

9/11/2021 6:55:27 PM

This lovely and retro Animal Crossing New Horizons living room, not only looks amazing but also is functional and cozy. If you are looking for the best cute ACNH living room examples to inspire you, master this stunning Animal Crossing living room design idea. First, decorating a chill resting area with  Double Sofa, Rattan Low Table, Rattan Towel Basket, Rattan Armchair, Retro Dotted Rug and Fragrance Sticks. Instead of design the whole retro ACNH house as a living room, opt for something practical. Here are areas designed for the kitchen and the bathroom. A pink and white dining area must draw everyone's attention, which is placed with cute ACNH items including Mixer, Stand Mixer, Kitchen Island, Fluffy Rug, and Microwave. Last but not the least, a cozy bathroom design in this room added some unexpected warmth.

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