ACNH Beautiful & Homey Restaurant Design - Best Restaurant Design Ideas In Animal Crossing

9/19/2021 11:30:29 AM

When building a homey kitchen in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you have to find creative ways to create a little fancy flair. These are the best ACNH music restaurant design ideas that you want to redo yours. First thing first, choose an adventurous wallpaper (Pink Flower-print Wall) for your kitchen. Cover your floor in the Brown Argyle-tile Flooring to make it look sleek and textured. This cozy Animal Crossing private restaurant only serves two tables at once, to ensure every customer enjoys the best service and the quietest environment.  If they come in with 4 - 6 people, they can sit around the black System Kitchen. If a couple or two besties come to this amazing Animal Crossing New Horizons restaurant on a date, they can sit around the birch Ironwood Low Table. A Retro Stereo plays good country music in this ACNH homey restaurant. After the customers finished their dinner, go straight to the Diner Counter Table and pay. 

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