High-Grade Gray-Black Decor, Rural Wooden Cabin & Wooden Study - ACNH Interior Design Ideas 2021

10/13/2021 5:31:49 PM

Welcome to AKRPG! Here is a collection of three different ACNH interior design ideas 2021 from our users, featuring a modern bathroom (bedroom), a rural wooden cabin, and a wooden study room. The first Animal Crossing room uses high-grade gray-black wallpaper (Black Hallway Wall), black Rattan Bed and black Long Bathtub, combines purple floor (Purple Desert-tile Flooring), the white Double Sofa and Fireplace make the whole room look less dull. The second one looks like a completely country cabin that uses a set of wooden or log Animal Crossing items for sale, such as a Wooden-mosaic Wall, a Log Bed, a Log Extra-long Sofa, a Log Dining Table, a Log Chair, etc. The last one is a simple, clean study room with a cute bed and cabinet.

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