Klein Blue ACNH Bedroom Design - Geometric Inspired Animal Crossing Decorating Idea

10/22/2021 5:41:21 PM

Klein Blue is a popular color this year because it looks vivid and expressive, many people want to apply it in the clothing and paint their home in this color. Animal Crossing New Horizons always coincides with real life, especially in the detail of Animal Crossing NH items. Looking at this ACNH bedroom design, it boldly combines blue and green, and the flooring is designed with geometries in different colors, making the color is in sharp contrast. Someone maybe like this style. You can use the blue furniture items such as Marine Pop Flooring, Cute Vanity, Cute Wardrobe, Cute Floor Lamp, Cute Tea Table, and Cute Sofa, as well as Green-paint Wall, Throwback Rocket and Ironwood Bed. 

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