Amazing ACNH 2.0 Floral Kitchen Design For Cooking | Best Animal Crossing Kitchen Ideas

11/8/2021 8:54:16 PM

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, due to the cooking and farming mechanism brought by the 2.0 update, Kitchen in the house is no longer just an exhibition showing players' whimsical designs but plays its original role-the birthplace of food. Therefore, we are here to share a brand new ACNH 2.0 field-style kitchen design, which combines a unique rural beauty and comprehensive functionality. The whole room adopts fresh mint green tones, Blue Flower-print Wall, mint table, Blue Argyle Rug and the light-colored kitchen furniture in the room perfectly match together, making the whole restaurant very bright and comfortable. The fish in the fish tank is ready to be a delicacy on your table at any time. Get more ACNH 2.0 items to build up your island now!

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