Gorgeous ACNH 2.0 Room Ideas: Galaxy Bedroom, Vintage Office, Rustic Room, Spa Bathtub | Animal Crossing House Designs

12/6/2021 4:50:43 PM

Want to decorate your room with 2.0 items in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Here we’ve compiled some inspirational house room ideas featuring Floral Storeroom, White Galaxy Rattan Bedroom, Vintage Office, Rustic Rattan Living Room, Japanese style Entomology Lab & Public Spa Bathtub (Hot Spring).

Gorgeous Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 House Room Ideas:

Floral Storeroom - A very simple storage room, just using Butterflies Wall makes the room full of vitality and floral beauty.

Galaxy Rattan Bedroom - This is a gorgeous starry bedroom created with white rattan furniture. Warm up a plain white bedroom scheme with Starry Wall and Garden Wagon.

Vintage Office - This warm-toned office is very charming, using the brown tone to design all areas of the room, such as Light Brown Double Sofa for visitor resting, Light Brown Writing Desk for working, Light Brown Wooden Bookshelf for file storage.

Rustic Rattan Living Room - This retro-style rustic rattan living room design is very elegant and will take you back to your grandmother's house.

Entomology Lab - This insect research room is cleverly designed in the style of Japanese Modern Shoji, bringing a relaxed and cozy vibe to the serious Entomology Lab.

Public Spa Bathtub-This bright public bath is specially designed for Japanese spas, warm and functional.

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