ACNH Winter Living Room Idea - Cozy White Wood Living Room Design for Animal Crossing

12/18/2021 2:49:21 PM

The cozy living room is a trend in Animal Crossing New Horizons room designs, it matches the natural and free theme of the game, especially when you choose the wooden or log ACNH furniture set, such as Log Chair, Wild Log Bench, Log Bed, Wooden Chest, Wooden Full-length Mirror, Log Bench and Wooden Wardrobe. People prefer the light or white wooden color, which is good-looking and easy-to-fit. This ACNH living room design also uses various candle items including Glass Holder With Candle, Wedding Candle Set, and Wall-mounted Candle, as well as the Fireplace, which makes it a warm Winter house. The addition of a Book, Lacy Rug, TV, plants, and many other decorations make it more homely. 

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