ACNH Open Concept Bedroom/Bathroom/Kitchen With Rattan Items - Antique Style Interior Design

12/18/2021 4:11:20 PM

The video shows 2 ACNH bedroom design styles, one is the rattan bedroom/shower room/kitchen, another is the Antique style bedroom design in Animal Crossing New Horizons.  Both are decorated with cheap ACNH furniture items to render their own styles. 

The ACNH Open Concept Bedroom/Bathroom/Kitchen is fulfilled with Rattan Armchair, Rattan End Table, Rattan Low Table, Rattan Bed as well as the Ironwood Kitchenette.

The ACNH Antique style bedroom is fulfilled with Antique Mini Table, Ironwood Kitchenette, Antique Bureau, Antique Wardrob, Antique Vanity and Antique Bed. It's really suitable for people who want to calm down and rest. 

Hope you get inspired from these two best ACNH interior designs!

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