ACNH Vintage Kid's Playroom - Best Animal Crossing Antique's Living Room

12/24/2021 2:53:29 PM

How to decorate your vintage kid's room in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Watch this ACNH kid's living room decoration guide, we will share every tip and trick to build the best  Animal Crossing New Horizons children's living room. First of all, stick with the retro wallpaper: Blue Delicate-blooms Wall and floor: Arabesque Flooring. Go with a set of antique-style ACNH furniture such as an Antique Bed, Antique Mini Table, Antique Console Table, and Table Lamp that will be perfectly fitted in this Animal Crossing vintage kid's room hue. Most importantly, you cannot miss preparing Toy Box and Nutcracker for the kids. Get inspired from this Animal Crossing New Horizons antique Kid's playroom!

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