ACNH Warm Bright Living Room Design - Modern & Cottagecore House Living Room for Animal Crossing

12/25/2021 10:07:40 AM

If you are looking for the warm color Winter themed Animal Crossing house interior designs, you can find a lot of great ideas at AKRPG.COM. Different ACNH items for sale are applied, some of the most popular choices are wooden/log furniture set, Fireplace, and various plants such as Bonsai Shelf, Monstera and Terrarium, which makes the room a natural and cottagecore style. In addition, here are some lamps and lights including Floor Lamp, Table Lamp and Iron Wall Lamp, added lots of brightness for this living room. And the main decor color is warm light brown, so the Double Sofa, Wooden Low Table, Ironwood Chair and Cubic Parquet Flooring look very harmonious. There are also Old Sewing Machine, Billiard Table and Wooden Bookshelf, whether you want to play or do something. 

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