ACNH White Bright Soft Kitchen Design - Best Animal Crossing 2.0 Cooking Room Ideas

3/3/2022 6:25:22 PM

This Animal Crossing New Horizons bright kitchen room feels incredibly inviting and makes use of a unique combination of brick walls, Pine-board Flooring, soft colors. For this kitchen design, you’d add some Ironwood set furniture pieces in Oak and kitchen appliances in White, such as the Ironwood Cupboard, Ironwood Cart, Ironwood Kitchenette, Ironwood Low Table, Brick Oven, Double-door Refrigerator, and Gas Range. The white rug on Pine-board Flooring and white-oak ironwood items help tie the room together as they match other colors in the room. Some wall-mounted decorations, such as the Bunny Day Wreath and Floral Swag, help to give the room a bit of color.  It’s also the small details, like the Knife Block and Pop-up Toaster on Ironwood Cupboard, Frying Pan above the Gas Range, or the Shaved-ice Maker on the Ironwood Cart, that really make this kitchen extraordinary cooking space.

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