ACNH Log Cabin Ideas - Best Animal Crossing Natural & Cottagecore Design 2022

3/5/2022 10:27:18 AM

No matter what style you want to build with your house, you can find perfect Animal Crossing items in New Horizons to fit it. For example, for natural ACNH log cabin ideas, we have Cabin Wall, log set furniture (Log Decorative Shelves, Log Round Table, Log Bed, etc.), Firewood, Wood-burning Stove, and more wooden, log, and ironwood items to choose from. In this log cabin room, the overall tone of the interior is basically consistent, adding some greens to make it more vibrant, such as the Anthurium Plant, which is a popular plant item put in ACNH room designs. And the Ironwood Diy Workbench and Ironwood Kitchenette work well with others. 

This year, will provide more great ACNH designs 2022 and cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons items, bells and NMT for sale. 

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