ACNH Cosy Multifunctional Kitchen And Study Room Design| ACNH Room Design Idea

4/16/2022 4:06:34 PM

What a cosy multifunctional room, this is a small room that can be used as a study or as a kitchen and dining room, here we can see the simple layout, different items are placed in this small room. On the left side of the room is the area where you can cook. There are vegetable sinks, seasonings, cooking areas, range hoods, etc. There is also a white dining table, which fully meets the needs of people's diet.

In addition to the eating area, there are also places to read, such as bookcases with books, wooden cabinets, toy robots, etc. You can choose to sit on a chair to read a book, or you can lie on this rainbow-striped bed, and also Really good!

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