Top 5 ACNH House Room Design Ideas 2022 - Best Xmas, Japanese, Cute, Morden Ironwood Room in Animal Crossing

10/31/2022 4:20:55 PM

Here we present the new best-looking house rooms of Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2022 which cover the unparalleled Christmas room, the best villager house, the Japanese Kotatsu Room, and the Ironwood Kitchen. Christams Wood Log Room - The predominant colors of this room are brown and various shades of green, with a dash of white for accent. The absence of any particularly vibrant hues gives the space a restful and homey feel. Even while it is really simply a plain house with some plant-themed decorations, it nonetheless appeals to us, especially to those who desire very realistic or themeless homes for their islands. Thanks to its brown tones, Log furniture and dark green wallpaper, this room has the ambience of the festive seasons of fall and winter, just add a Christmas tree or related themed items to make it a fun season. Marina Villager Pin Cute House - The interior of Marina's house is uncomplicated and modern. Because the main furniture set in her home is the Cute furniture set. It's not too pink and cutesy, though, in a way that would make people gag. The interior of Marina's home is more like a young girl's adorable bedroom. The amount of white in the room balances out the amount of pink to make it adorable rather than garish, and the soft blush hue prevents eye strain. Overall, a really adorable space for a very adorable pink octopus! Japanese theme Kotatsu Room - This is a traditional Japanese theme room is filled with retro aesthetic and focuses mostly on dark brown and green, it gives it a more unified look. The Arched-window Wall and Common Flooring are really what pull this traditional Asian look together, with the Kotatsu and Japanse theme items (such as Kadomatsu, Cherry-Blossom Bonsai) emphasizing the home’s elegance. The biggest highlight and the most amazing thing in the whole room is the addition of the green sofa, which not only forms a unique beauty of contrasting colors, but also adds a sense of vitality and liveliness to the dark brown space. For those islands that prefer a Japanese style, this design is captivating. Japanese Morden Ironwood Kitchen Room - This fully functional kitchen features mostly Oak ironwood furniture in matching Red Kitchen Appliances with Modern Shoji-screen Wall and Dark-block Flooring. Having most of her furniture from the same furniture sets and combing some small items from the same tone, gives a unified look and cohesion in the room’s design with perfectly matching shades and styles of furniture. The ironwood items and Open-frame Kitchen contributes to the city aesthetic, while the Flashy-flower Sign adds elegance. Despite being such a specific theme mixed with Japanese style and modern aesthetic, it’s surprisingly versatile, this ironwood kitchen could be put on most islands.

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