Top 4 ACNH Villager House Designs 2023 | Animal Crossing Villager Home Ideas

6/29/2023 5:43:20 PM

Here we show you the Top 4 of the best villager house decorations for different styles of islands. ✅Cute and Childish Apple Room - Villager Apple's room is of course her favorite Apple theme. The whole room uses Apple series items such as Apple Wall, Apple Chair, and Juicy-apple Tv to create a red color, with warm furniture such as the Pink Wooden simple bed and Wooden Low Table. This childlike room is very suitable for bright vibe islands like fairycore islands. ✅Chinese Classical Imperial Room - This room is completely created with Chinese Imperial furniture, whether it is the elegant Exquisite Wall or Cherry-blossom branches, it reveals oriental aesthetics. Perfect for Japanese-themed islands. ✅Street Hip-Hop Theme Room - This room is very suitable for Cranky Bruce, graffiti wallpaper, basketball hoop, and randomly placed street-style items, making people in a hip-hop-free world. Perfect for city-themed islands. ✅Studio Office Room  - Gala is obviously a villager who loves to work. Her room is occupied by various office furniture and objects, which is a little strict but very practical. Perfect for urban or industrial-style islands.

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