Popular ACNH Interior Ideas 2023: Natural Wooden and Pink Sanrio-Themed Rooms

7/14/2023 5:06:14 PM
Total: 1.11 USD

Are you still customizing your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Today we want to share two popular ACNH house interior design ideas with you. Some themes are never out of style, such as the first Animal Crossing natural wooden design, which is simple and comfortable, adding some plants will make it fit the theme perfectly and the daily necessities make it look more realistic. If you want to try out some new themes, there are a ton of ACNH items from collaboration, the second ACNH Sanrio design uses lots of Kiki & Lala Series furniture, and you can add more color-coordinated items like the pastel Wooden-block Stereo to create a fantastic house. 


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