Best ACNH Halloween Bedroom Design 2023 - Spooky Skeleton & Pumpkin Room Ideas In ACNH

7/25/2023 3:06:42 PM

To create a spooky Halloween-themed Animal Crossing New Horizons bedroom design 2023, you can incorporate skeletons and pumpkins into the decoration. In the center of the room, create a spooky display with a life-sized skeleton. To add a touch of pumpkin decor, place various sizes of carved pumpkins around the room, some lit from the inside to cast eerie shadows on the walls. Hallowwen themed ACNH items are over the place in this spooky room design. Consider having a pumpkin patch in one corner, featuring different types and sizes of pumpkins as if they were growing there. These best ACNH spooky Halloween-themed bedroom design ideas will surely create a spine-chilling atmosphere for your in-game character to rest in!

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