Top 3 ACNH Room Ideas 2023: Best Japanese, Kidcore, Birthday Party Room

7/25/2023 7:25:58 PM

Here we present 3 fabulous room designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which feature the most popular themes: Japanese Style, Kidcore Theme, and Party Room:

Japanse-themed Room - If Japanse style and bricks are more of your style, get inspired by this cozy brick living room idea. Black-brick Wall, Pine-board Flooring, and Brown furniture can definitely go well together. We mix these elements for a retro and classic style. Instead of crowding your room, let a few beautiful furniture items take center stage. A Teak Ironwood Cupboard, a Teak Ironwood Low Table, and a Teak Ironwood Kitchenette combine with Brown Imperial Partition and Smoke-Cured Bamboo Partition can do wonders already. Add some plants such as Cherry-blossom Branches, Monstera, and Terrarium can give life to the room!Kidcore Theme - This simple yet stunning design shows that you don't need to overcomplicate your Animal Crossing living room ideas. We used yellow and brown tones to create a cozy and playful kid-core atmosphere. The key items for this look are the Pompompurin set furniture, Pompompurin flooring, Pompompurin wall, and Cute Diy Table.Party Room - This is a very simple party room designed for birthdays or other anniversaries, we only use Bunny Day Merry Balloons, Cute Wedding Candle Sets, Pink-crown Wall, and Berry-chocolates Flooring to create a romantic and joyful atmosphere. If you want to celebrate a birthday, then add Birthday Sign and Birthday Table to decorate, and wedding-themed fun is the first choice to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

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