Best ACNH Country Style & Space Themed Bedroom Design Ideas - Best Way to Decorate Your Indoors

7/27/2023 2:28:39 PM

Looking for interior design ideas for your small space? Get inspired by the ACNH living room bedroom combo that is full of style and comfort.

The first is the country-style room full of greens. To give a pop of color and detail to a green monochrome living bedroom,  we add Patchwork bed and Patchwork chair in their design. Put some fruits on the fireplace can give life to it. Really creative stuff, don’t you think? There are some plants and leafy goodness right on the corner. This build is a testament to how animal crossing living room ideas don’t need to be complicated to be beautiful. 

The second is the space-themed bedroom. Almost everything in the bedroom was custom designed. A custom tabletop with sleek curves was commissioned from Bellus Group. There is also plenty of storage space above the desk to keep any knickknacks out of sight.  Stars make for especially versatile space-themed nursery ideas, so choose the star themed wallpaper. Also, hang a moon model on the corner. To take you out of this world and into a galaxy all their own, you’ll want your bedroom designed with this space decor! All the Animal Crossing items used in the room are for sale on Akrpg!

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