ACNH Top 3 Antique Theme Room Ideas 2023 | Animal Crossing Best Room Designs

9/26/2023 6:41:00 PM

Here we present 3 stunning Vintage Room Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

Vintage Floral Morden Kitchen - This floral kitchen design exudes cheerfulness and charm. To achieve this look, start by selecting your favorite floral wallpaper, such as the Green Delicate-Blooms Wall, to liven up your walls. Enhance it with Arabesque Flooring featuring a bold pattern. Opt for deep-colored kitchen units to create a harmonious blend of classic and modern aesthetics. You can also incorporate vibrant accents and complement the theme by adding plants to your kitchen.

Vintage Imperial Bedroom - Vintage is indeed timeless and can add a touch of elegance to any space. When it comes to oriental classical aesthetics, each Imperial item holds its own significance. Vintage accents can certainly bring glamour to even the simplest designs. To brighten up your Imperial-themed bedroom, you may want to consider purchasing a cute bear and a pink Wooden Full-length Mirror for décor. It will add a vibrant touch to the room. Furthermore, the shabby-chic aesthetic of the closet complements the royal theme of the bedroom.

European Antique Bathroom - This build emanates two simultaneous vibes with a surprising amount of overlap: neat antiques and a rich modern spa vibe. Did you ever think you’d read those words in that order? It’s true, though. The pine-board flooring, white whirlpool bath, rattan towel basket, and white botanical-tile wall give this bathroom a very nature-inspired vibe of times past. Also, note the wall-mounted plants. This design is full of little details like this, and we love it.

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