ACNH Best Interior Design Ideas in Imperial - Study & Bedroom Imperial House

9/30/2023 9:58:17 AM

Want to transform your home into a regal heaven? Definitely check this Animal Crossing interior design for the study room and bedroom!

The space uses red colors, with black features on the floor. This is a bedroom but with a study room together. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of wisdom and sophistication with an Imperial study. Utilize the rich hues and ornate details of dark wood Imperial furniture  (Imperial Bed, Imperial Low Table, Imperial Chest, Imperial Partition, Imperial Decorative Shelves, and Imperial Wall). Adorn your shelves with antique books, and ensure ample desk space for deep contemplation. Complete the ambiance with potted bonsai trees and a decorative screen, transporting you to ancient times. All the ACNH items shown in the video are for sale on


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