Best ACNH Room Design 2024 - Top 2 Best Bedroom & Kitchen Design Ideas in Animal Crossing

1/29/2024 5:29:18 PM

Are you looking for the best room designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Today, we got you top 2 best ACNH room design ideas for the kitchen and bedroom! 

1. Refined Elegance: The White Rattan Bedroom

Transform your bedroom into a haven of sophistication with the White Rattan theme. The focal point, a cozy Rattan Bed|White, sets the tone for this refined space. Surrounding it are ACNH Items like the Rattan End Table|White and Rattan Low Table|White, offering both functionality and a sleek aesthetic. The Rattan Wardrobe|White adds practical storage, while the Rattan Stool|White and Rattan Vanity|White complete the ensemble with symmetrical grace. This white rattan collection creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for those who appreciate modern simplicity and understated luxury in their personal sanctuary.

2. Nature's Haven: The Green Pear Kitchen

Invite the serenity of nature into your kitchen with the Green Pear theme. The Pear Bed|La France cleverly transforms into a charming dining nook, surrounded by green accents like the Pear Wardrobe|La France and Bamboo Partition|Green Bamboo. The green pendant light casts a warm glow over the space, creating a welcoming atmosphere for culinary adventures. With the Pear Rug anchoring the room, this kitchen becomes a vibrant blend of organic charm and functional elegance, appealing to those who seek a refreshing and nature-inspired culinary haven.

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