ACNH Retro Cozy Kitchen & Living Room Designs | Best Animal Crossing Room Ideas 2024

1/30/2024 11:41:16 AM

Here we present 2 amazing room designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which will give you some great spirits for designing the kitchen and living room in your house! A warm and inviting kitchen is a universal delight, isn't it? Begin crafting your vintage-inspired culinary space by selecting a subdued color scheme for your Animal Crossing New Horizons island. Introduce pale hued walls and choose a wooden floor that speaks to your taste. Wooden cabinetry and a matching table will lend a touch of classic charm. This kitchen will become your haven for whipping up delicious meals daily. Ensure you include essential appliances like a Clay Furnace, a Deep Fryer, and a Stonework kitchen. To enhance the homely atmosphere, keep a stockpile of firewood within easy reach. For a finishing touch of rustic charm, mount a Magnetic Knife Rack on the wall.

Transitioning to the living room, which exudes a retro coziness, two elements catch the eye. First, the presence of greenery is essential; consider introducing a Mini-Cactus Set or a Bonsai Shelf complete with a Pine Bonsai Tree to inject vibrant life into the space. Secondly, the room's ambiance is perfect for embracing the evening hours — imagine lounging with hot cocoa and snacks on the couch. Populate the room with classic furniture in rich browns, including a 'Cool' chair and sofa set, paired with a low sitting wooden table to round out the nostalgic comfort.

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