How to Spot Fake Art in Animal Crossing New Horizons | ACNH Art Guide
6/23/2020 5:57:54 PM

Art in Animal Crossing is usually referenced from famous works in the real world, such as the Famous Painting. As you know, only genuine items can be used to expand the museum. So it’s important to tell if an Animal Crossing Painting or Statue is fake? Here we’ll take the explanation for how to spot fake art in Animal Crossing New Horizons from the difference. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Art

Paintings and statues are both art pieces in Animal Crossing New Horizons, this type of ACNH item can be purchased from Jolly Redd, who sells genuine artworks and forgeries. The real Animal Crossing art can be donated to museums and fake ones can’t, but you can also display your fake art on your island.

Full List of ACNH Paintings and Statues

On, you can check the full list of ACNH art items including paintings and statues with their Buy Price, Sell Price and Drop-Off Box Sell Price in the game with bells, as well as the instant trading price in real money, then choose the right time for purchasing or selling your Animal Crossing art. Each Animal Crossing painting or statue has a real and fake version for sale. 

Who is Crazy Redd?

Redd is a fox who will sell some artworks and rare furniture from his ship, known as Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler. Redd will visit your island randomly, approximately once every two weeks. On the day when Redd first appears, Isabelle will inform the player there is a suspicious individual who has been recently reported on other islands nearby. During his first visit, Redd will sell a random, guaranteed-authentic painting for 4,980 ACNH bells. Redd offers four pieces of art and two pieces of Animal Crossing furniture at a time, three of the four works offered may be genuine, but it is also possible for all four to be forgeries.

How to Spot Fake Art in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Not everything Redd sells is genuine art, so you need to tell which paintings are real and which ones are fake, the same goes for statues. All of Animal Crossing Art is based on real paintings and statues that actually exist in real life. What you can do is find out what the painting looks like in real life and look for any differences. 

Some tips to spot face ACNH art

- Fake artworks will have one or two odd details

- Fake artworks appear in New Horizons usually are different from those in previous games

- Fake artworks can also be haunted

- Go to Animal Crossing Art Prices List at AKRPG Database, each painting or statue has two variations: face and real, you can check the difference between them.

How to tell fake art in ACNH? Below is the list of Animal Crossing New Horizons Art, with the difference between fake and real art. 

How to tell if an Animal Crossing Painting is fake?

1. Academic Painting

The fake version of Animal Crossing Academic Painting seems to have left a coffee stain in the top right corner which is not present on the original. 

ACNH academic painting

2. Amazing Painting

The fake Animal Crossing Amazing Painting left out the hat of the man in black in the center of the painting.

ACNH amazing painting

3. Basic Painting

The fake Animal Crossing Basic Painting has a fuller fringe than the real version and covered the forehead, the ruddy cheek is also different.

ACNH basic painting

4. Detailed Painting

The leaves of fake Animal Crossing Detailed Painting are purple, which the real version is blue.

ACNH Detailed Painting

5. Famous Painting

The Mona Lisa of fake Animal Crossing Famous Painting has excessively arched eyebrows.

ACNH Famous Painting

6. Graceful Painting

Characters in fake Animal Crossing Graceful Painting account for a larger proportion of the picture than genuine ones.

ACNH Graceful Painting

7. Jolly Painting

The fake Animal Crossing Jolly Painting does not have a flower in the bottom right corner, but the real version does.

ACNH Jolly Painting

8. Moving Painting

The fake Animal Crossing Moving Painting has a clear sky with no trees in the upper right corner.

ACNH Moving Painting

9. Quaint Painting

There is less amount of water in the jug in real Animal Crossing Quaint Painting.

ACNH Quaint Painting

10. Scary Painting

The fake Animal Crossing Scary Painting has a different eyebrow shape from the real one.

ACNH Scary Painting

11. Scenic Painting

The real Animal Crossing Scenic Painting has two people in the lower left corner and there is only one in fake painting.

ACNH Scenic Painting

12. Serene Painting

The fur color of the animal in fake Animal Crossing Serene Painting is dark, and in real art is white.

ACNH Serene Painting

13. Solemn Painting

The arm is pointing up in the fake Animal Crossing Solemn Painting and pointing to the left in real painting.

ACNH Solemn Painting

14. Wild Painting

The fake Animal Crossing Wild Painting has the figures painted dark and light and real one is light and dark.

ACNH Wild Painting

15. Wistful Painting

The fake Animal Crossing Wistful Painting has a star-shaped earring, which is round in real art.

ACNH Wistful Painting

How to tell if a statue is fake in Animal Crossing?

1. Ancient Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Ancient Statue has some antennae-like ears on the side of its head, and that is not present in the real statue.

ACNH Ancient Statue

2. Beautiful Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Beautiful Statue wears a necklace, which not in the real one.

ACNH Beautiful Statue

3. Gallant Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Gallant Statue is holding a book under his right arm.

ACNH Gallant Statue

4. Informative Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Informative Statue is blue while the real art is dark gray, nearly black.

ACNH Informative Statue

5. Motherly Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Motherly Statue has a tongue sticking out.

ACNH Motherly Statue

6. Mystic Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Mystic Statue has a large earring hanging on the right ear, and the real one does not have.

ACNH Mystic Statue

7. Robust Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Robust Statue is wearing a watch on their right arm.

ACNH Robust Statue

8. Rock-head Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Rock-head Statue has an obvious smiling mouth.

ACNH Rock-head Statue

9. Tremendous Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Tremendous Statue has an additional lid covering the container, while the real statue is completely open.

ACNH Tremendous Statue

10. Valiant Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Valiant Statue left leg forward, the real one right leg forward.

ACNH Valiant Statue

11. Warrior Statue

The fake Animal Crossing Warrior Statue is holding an extra shovel in front of the people, while the real one does not.

ACNH Warrior Statue

Animal Crossing Art Always Be Real:

The following art in Animal Crossing New Horizons has no fake version, they are always real. 

-  Calm Painting

-  Common Painting

-  Dynamic Painting 

-  Flowery Painting 

-  Glowing Painting 

-  Moody Painting 

-  Mysterious Painting 

-  Nice Painting 

-  Perfect Painting 

-  Proper Painting 

-  Sinking Painting 

-  Twinkling Painting 

-  Warm Painting

-  Worthy Painting 

-  Familiar Statue

-  Great Statue