How To Get Nook Miles Tickets Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons - Best Methods To Make ACNH NMT Easily

9/24/2020 10:00:56 AM

Nook Miles Ticket is a very important prop in the game. You can travel to the island equipped with rich materials (unearth stone, clay, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, Animal Crossing bells, shells, bugs, foreign fruits) through the airport with this ticket. But if we go to other islands with high frequency, we need a lot of tickets. Now we share some different methods you can take advantage of and use to make a profit.

ACNH Nook Miles Tickets Earning - How To Get Animal Crossing New Horizons NMT Fast 

1. Join Nookazon’s Discord Server For Nook Miles Ticket Farm

In this website, you can search for any item material or villager in the game and it gives you the average selling price that popularity and even shows people who are auctioning off those items or villages. Now Nookazon has a discard server, it's easier to contact people sell items and make purchases. Once you've joined the discord you have access to all of trade channels. There's a channel to sell your villages, clothes, recipes produce and even one that allows you to exchange bells for Nook Miles Tickets.

  • Villages: In the villager trade channel people put up their villages for auction or of sale and people DM them to make their offers. If you're selling a villager in either Bells or Nook Miles Tickets when that villager is moving out and is in the boxes stage you can invite that buyer over to your village where they can pay you and then talk to that villager and convince them to move to their own Island.

  • Collecting and selling high demand resources: There are so many people on this Discord server that are willing to pay ACNH NMT for stacks of wood iron sticks and even fish bait. If you want to profit though you should be aiming to sell seasonal resources such as acorns or pine cones from fall.

  • Bells for NMTs: You can trade ACNH bells for tickets.

  • Let people catalogue your items: You can make a profit without having to do anything by inviting people over to catalogue rare or cool items you may have. If you have an awesome item that people want you could charge them one or two Nook Miles Tickets to simply pick up your item and put it back on the ground. This means it gets permanently added to their catalogue and they can purchase it from their resident services whenever they like. 

2. Redeem Miles For Nook Miles Tickets

Nook Miles are a type of currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons,  with 2000 Nook Miles, you can get a Nook Miles Ticket. You are allowed to obtain Nook Miles through different ways: 

- Bulletin-board benefit

- Island shutterbug

- Edit credit

- First custom design

- NookPhone life

- Island togetherness

- Unwanted items selling

- Pick the bunch

- Greedy weeder

- Have a nice DIY

- Angling for perfection

- Catch bugs

- Hoard reward

- Decorate exterior

Once you have all of the Nook Miles, you can redeem the Miles for a Nook Miles Tickets at the Nook Stop. 

3. Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons NMT From Online Store 


However, collecting Nook Miles & Tickets is required to put some time and effort in, the fastest and easiest way to get more ACNH NMT is to choose an online store and buy safe Nook Miles Tickets with cheap price. And AKRPG is exactly the professional store you are looking for who is selling cheap Animal Crossing NH Nook Miles Tickets with fast delivery, full refund policy and best customer service. All Animal Crossing New Horizons NMT for sale here are safe, secure, and legit. Your information will never be leaked to others and your account will never be banned. Buy budget ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and go to visit deserted islands on mystery tours!

What Can You Do On A Nook Miles Mystery Island Tour?

  • Collect foreign ACNH fruit to transplant back to your island.

  • Meeting new villagers and invite them to your island.

  • Smash all the rocks with your axe / shovel to unearth stone, clay, iron nuggets, gold nuggets, or bells.

  • Shake down trees for branches, money, and ACNH items.

  • Hit trees with flimsy / stone axe for wood, softwood, hardwood.

  • Gather shells to sell at Nook's Cranny.

  • Reel in lots of fish for selling / donating to the museum.

  • Using your net to catch lots of bugs for selling or donating to the museum.

  • Pull all the weeds for easy Bells and for ticking off Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Mile Rewards.

  • Scan the beach for message in a bottles.

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