ACNH Maple Leaf Items, DIY Recipes - How To Get Maple Leaves In Animal Crossing & Tips For Catching Them
11/17/2020 2:07:48 PM

Now the maple leaf season is officially on us. And maple leaves have started to fall from the skies in ACNH. Have you found any Maple Leaves yet? In this article, we discuss how to get all new maple items, how to find maple leaf DIY recipes with tips and tricks along the way, and everything you need to know about Maple Leaves event in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


ACNH Maple Leaf - How To Get Maple Leaves & Find The Maple Leaf DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing

The final seasonal crafting material - maple leaf has been added to New Horizons before the Autumn season comes to a close. The Maple Leaf collection is one of many events happening in Animal Crossing this fall. Throughout maple leaf season, you'll be able to catch maple leaves and find the maple leaf DIY recipes, which will help you complete your collection of autumn DIY recipes. In the below complete guide to the special autumn ACNH seasonal crafting material, we recap where this new material spawns and how you can catch them, we present every single maple leaf DIY recipe that's now available, and detail how to find them. 

Maple Leaf Season Dates In Animal Crossing New Horizons

- If you're in the northern hemisphere, autumn leaves have started to fall around your island from the skies this November 16th, similar to the cherry blossom season which has recently happened in the southern hemisphere. This means you can now start catching those maple leaves and using them as crafting material for 8 exciting new maple items that you'll be able to find until the 26th of November. 

- If you're in the southern hemisphere, you can enjoy maple leaf season from May 16 to May 26th. So keep that in mind this is the last seasonal change that will happen for fall. So make sure you take advantage of it before it's too late and the maple leaves and the new items have gone away. 

How To Get Maple Leaves In ACNH - Tips For Catching Maple Leaves 

Maple leaves in New Horizons are caught in the same fashion as Cherry Blossom Petals were caught this past spring. When you see the maple leaves floating through the air you'll need to catch them with your net, they may prove to be a little tricky as they do flutter around a lot. It seems like maple leaves appear more throughout the day time so it might be wise to spend most of your time hunting when it's light out rather than late at night they're not too rare thankfully so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting a large stockpile of these they're really pretty and definitely fun to catch and it gives you an extra use for your net as well. 

Another maple leaf items catching tip is that If you're wandering around your island maybe you've just caught a couple of leaves and you're struggling to find any more leaves. It's worth just popping into a building - a villager house or the shop or something like that and then coming back out again and what that'll do is it'll reset the spawn rate, so you'll be able to have a better chance of finding some more leaves, just having another run around your island. So if you can't find anything, go speak to one of your villagers and then come back out and see what you can find.

All 9 New Maple Leaf Items & DIY Crafting Recipes In ACNH

Once you've got enough of Maple Leaf seasonal materials in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can start using them to craft 9 different Autumn & maple themed items including furniture, wallpaper, flooring, accessories, and more, and you'll need a wide variety of crafting materials to craft. Check out below the complete list of all Maple Leaf items and their DIY crafting recipes.

Autumn Wall 

  • Maple leaf × 10

  • Wood × 5

  • Clump of weeds × 5

Colored Leaves Flooring 

  • Maple leaf × 10

  • Clump of weeds × 15

Leaf Stool

  • Maple leaf × 3

  • Wood × 3

Maple Leaf Pochette 

  • Maple leaf × 6

Maple Leaf Pond Stone 

  • Stone × 10

  • Maple leaf × 3

Maple Leaf Umbrella

  • Maple leaf × 7


Red-Leaf Pile 

  • Maple leaf × 3

  • Clump of weeds × 4

Tree's Bounty Arch

  • Pine cone × 4

  • Maple leaf × 5

  • Acorn × 5

  • Tree branch × 15

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree

  • Pine cone × 5

  • Tree branch × 8

  • Clay × 4

  • Acorn × 4

  • Maple leaf × 4

Maple Leaf Sell Price In Animal Crossing

Like most items in New Horizons, maple leaves can be sold at Nook's Cranny and Timmy & Tommy for some ACNH Bells. A single maple leaf will earn you 200 Bells. We highly recommend against selling though given their exclusivity — if you have extras, it’s probably best to try trading with a friend.

How To Find Maple Leaf DIY Recipes In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Both Maple Leaves and their corresponding crafting materials are only around for 10 days, so you're mostly likely going to want to collect all of the maple leaf DIY crafting recipes in ACNH very early on, so that you can focus on catching the actual maple leaves you need to craft the items. There are two ways you can find and get new Maple Leaf DIY Crafting Recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  • Morning Isabelle announcement - The first time you play New Horizons during maple leaf season, Isabelle herself will give you the recipe for the maple leaf pile during a announcement during the day when nothing else is happening. This DIY recipe will be automatically loaded into your DIY recipe list, so, after you've caught enough maple leaves, you can make as many Red-leaf piles as you like.

  • Flying balloon presents - The rest of the items you'll be able to find via balloons, this isn't exactly the most ideal way of finding them. But sadly it is the only way you can find these new maple recipes. Hanging around the beach is probably your best shot of finding these balloons as they'll come in from whatever direction the wind is blowing and this will change later at 6 pm either way they all look so great.

During maple leaf season, you'll still be able to find DIY recipes for both the mushroom and acorn and pine cone sets, which makes this the perfect time to hunt down any DIY recipes you might be missing. Some best ACNH maple leaf designs will be updated here soon, please follow our news list or Animal Crossing designs


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