How to Spawn Snowballs in Animal Crossing New Horizons - Tips for ACNH Snowballs Not Spawning
12/12/2020 10:48:20 AM

It’s really the time to enter winter in Animal Crossing New Horizons. From December 11, the snow will cover the majority area of your island, including buildings, bridges, trees, flowers, bushes, and more things, also bring new seasonal features. The winter snowflakes DIY recipes are also available from that day. As we know, building a perfect snowboy is a method to get more crafting materials or DIYs and the snowball is a necessary item for making the snowman. So, today we are going to present an ACNH snowballs guide which talks about why ACNH snowballs not spawning and how to spawn snowballs in Animal Crossing. 

acnh snowballs spawn

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Why There are No Snowballs in Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Snowballs Not Spawning

Start from December 11 in Animal Crossing New Horizons, players in the Northern Hemisphere can make Snowboys get the winter rewards, but many players find there are no snowballs spawned on their island. Why ACNH snowballs not spawning? Here are the possible reasons for that. 

Your island is crowded with too many Animal Crossing items to prevent snowballs from spawning, because the snowball is less likely to spawn if there is no enough space.

1. The flowers and plants may be the problem. A bunch of flowers may prevent snowballs from appearing. 

2. Over-decorated island. You may have built fantastic ACNH winter or Christmas themed island designs with abundant paths and colorful patterns on the ground, which will also affect the spawning of snowballs. 

3.  If you have built a snowboy, there will be no more snowballs spawn on the current day.

How to Spawn Snowballs in Animal Crossing New Horizons 

To create a snowboy, all you have to do is locate two snowballs which often spawn next to each other, kick them around until they are big enough to roll, once the snowballs are large enough, you can roll them next to each other and merge them to create a snowboy. If you build a perfect snowboy in ACNH with correct-sized snowballs, he will reward you with a large snowflake and a DIY recipe for frozen series items. 

If there are no snowballs founded on your island, consider preparing a designated area for spawning snowballs, get rid of all ACNH items, designs, decorations, clear flowers, trees, and all plants within the area, you need a huge amount of open flat, undecorated section of your island to get snowballs. If your snowballs break, you can respawn them by entering any building and exit again. If the building is too close to the spawn locations, you may need to run away until they're out of frame, they will spawn back. The snowball will respawn near the first and non-destroyed snowball, if both of your snowballs have been destroyed and then you go to respawn them, they may generate in a different empty area on your island than where you found them initially, but once you built a snowboy on the current day, no more snowballs will spawn even if you enter and exit a building. You may also find a snowball being pushed by a dung beetle, the beetle can push the snowball into water or into obstacles, so if you are trying to save the snowball, you can sneak up on the beetle and catch it to stop it from pushing the snowball around.

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Tips for Building a Perfect Snowboy in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to make a perfect snowboy with the snowballs? Check the method and tips to help you obtain the rewards every single time. 

- Making a perfect snowboy requires two snowballs of the exact right size, it’s very easy to accidentally make them too big or too small. If your snowball is too big, you can roll it over a non-snow covered area like sand paths or patterns, this can reduce the size of the snowball. 

- The snowballs can roll super fast over bridges or down inclines and risk breaking if there are things nearby, and it breaks happens or you accidentally hit the snowball against a tree or something, you can simply enter and exit a building to reset their locations.

- A accurate method for building a perfect snowboy every time is to construct a path that is 10 tiles wide. Then roll these snowballs until they are as big as they can possibly get and they stopped growing. To make the head smaller, roll one of the maximum sized snowballs along the path over 10 tiles until it reaches the body, this will reduce its size significantly by the time it arrives.


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