ACNH Aurora Borealis Weather Event: When And How To See The Winter Aurora Borealis & Northern Lights

12/12/2020 11:28:40 AM

A beautiful weather event “Aurora Borealis Weather Event” that you can only experience in the wintertime has finally spotted in Animal Crossing New Horizons! Players now have the chance to catch a glimpse of the rare Aurora Borealis (also known as the “Northern Lights”) since the snow has just settled in the Northern Hemisphere. Have you ever seen an aurora before in ACNH or are you expecting to see an aurora on your island? Here in this article, we introduce the full details of ACNH Aurora Borealis Weather Event, we discuss when to see an aurora & northern light and how to find an winter aurora in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 


ACNH Aurora Borealis Weather Event - Winter Northern Lights (Weather Phenomena)

It has been winter for around three weeks now in the Northern Hemisphere and finally, snowfall has become heavier and snow has settled on the ground around the New Horizons island for the first time which is really awesome. We can now find snowflakes randomly floating around the island which is the latest seasonal crafting material, we can also find snowballs that can be rolled around and made larger and merged together to build snow boys, and we have even more seasonal materials items and events to look forward to in December such as Toy Day and the New Year's countdown.

The winter season also brings with it a brand new special weather phenomenon that's pretty easy to miss. If you're lucky and wandering around the ACNH island during the night, you may stumble across an Aurora Borealis which is a gorgeous weather phenomenon also known as the Northern Lights. Such a phenomenon occurs every winter in Animal Crossing where the night sky lights up in various colors due to the high amount of charged particles in the atmosphere. When these particles collide, they create a beautiful combination of green, blue and yellow rays, though purple and red lights have been known to show up on occasion.

When To See An Aurora Borealis In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The aurora is super rare and can only be seen during the winter months. Once the snow settles on your island in December and all the way until it melts into February, you can see auroras potentially appear between 7 pm that evening and sunrise the following morning in the Northern Hemisphere. For Southern Hemisphere players, it's June to August and again it'll be after 7 pm. Now the aurora borealis acts just like other weather patterns such as snow and rain and it's visible for set hours, meaning sometimes you could see it for several hours through the evening and other times it could come and go and only appear for one or two hours per night, which is why it's super rare and difficult to spot. 

How To See Aurora Borealis In Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are a few ways to determine when and how to see an aurora borealis & northern lights in Animal Crossing just like the heavy meteor showers.

  • 1. For example and assuming there's no news that day such as villages moving in and out, Isabel will mention in the morning announcement that there's a chance you could spot one in the night sky that day.

  • 2. Players should watch the nighttime skies in winter and search for pink and green light tones moving in a folding, wavelike motion. To do this, they will want to use the up arrow on the D-pad. Auroras could appear anywhere on a player's island and may not necessarily appear in the same place twice, so players will need to keep an eye out everywhere on their islands.

  • 3. Another way to find out the Northern Lights in ACNH is talking to villagers during the day, who may talk about on the aurora if it is visible, helping players figure out when, and possibly where, to look. You can also look out for villagers watching the Lights when they do show up, as they will also comment to the player about how much they enjoyed the light show and took pictures.

  • 4. For those who would love to experience a gorgeous aurora borealis, you can also use a weather prediction tool MeteoNook to calculate your island's weather pattern which will then be able to show you exactly which hours you'll be able to see in aurora. If you're looking to use this tool, the website includes all the instructions, but basically, all you need to do is find your island's weather pattern known as your seed by entering some known information until the tool can narrow down which weather pattern your island has. This can be things like the hours you had, meteor showers or heavy rain and things like that. You can find this information by time traveling or from the timestamps of your screenshots. Once your seed is found, you'll be able to browse the entire weather pattern and basically look up when your next aurora will be, this can also be used to find out when your next meteor shower is too. Using a tool such as this may be a bit spoilery for some people who prefer random weather but it can definitely help those of you looking to track down an ACNH aurora & northern light.

ACNH Northern Lights Item & Aurora Borealis Wallpaper

If you're still struggling to find an aurora in Animal Crossing, Tom Nook may have a solution in the form of a new seasonal item. If you go to the Nook Stop or shop through the nook shopping app and head to the seasonal tab, you'll be able to purchase the new limited-time ACNH aurora borealis wallpaper. You can also head to AKRPG's ACNH items page and enjoy the most affordable price, fastest delivery and best service to buy aurora borealis wallpaper. You'll also see the mid-winter sweater, but this was previously available worldwide during the southern hemisphere's winter. These seasonal items are only available until the end of December, and although not the real aurora it is a beautiful wallpaper and worth picking up. 

Hope this aurora borealis weather event guide is helpful to you, so you can see the winter aurora borealis in Animal Crossing New Horizons soon!  Keep following on our news page and AKRPG updates more ACNH details timely!

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