How To Get FREE ACNH Items, Bells, Nook Miles Tickets | Free Animal Crossing Items Giveaway

12/14/2020 4:41:12 PM

How to get a bulk of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, and Items for free in the shortest time? Here you will get the easiest, fastest way to earn 100% FREE ANCH Items without spending any single penny and collecting time on AKRPG.COM! 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Items

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, an incredible amount of different furniture (floor, wallpaper, housewares, rugs, miscellaneous), clothing, and other items, that fills the player's design with endless possibilities which is what makes the game most appealing. And ACNH bells and Nook Miles Tickets as the two main currencies also play an important role in your island life. You will need as many bells as possible to purchase things from shops such as Nooklings, Re-Tail, Crazy Redd, Gardening Shop, Kicks, and Able Sisters. And to visit other deserted islands on mystery tours, you will need a lot of nook miles tickets. 

It can be pretty difficult to collect enough bells, nook miles tickets, and every item in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You will have to spend a lot of time collecting DIY Recipes for crafting or taking part in seasonal events, which could be grinding to most the players. Or for saving time, you could spend some cash to buy your wanted ACNH items or enough Nook Miles Tickets and Bells instantly on reliable stores like AKRPG.COM:

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How To ACNH Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, Items For FREE?

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How To Collect Animal Crossing Bells, Items, Nook Miles Tickets In-Game By Yourself?

For those players new to the game, here are the mains ways you can collect the bells, nook miles tickets, items in Animal Crossing New Horizons by yourself, but surely it will keep you very busy:

How To Get ACNH Items In-Game?

- Most of the ACNH items (furniture) can be obtained by crafting, but you have to collect DIY Recipes and materials in-game in time. 

- Get items (materials, furniture) as rewards by take part in seasonal events and complete certain quests in time

- Most ACNH DIY Recipes can be collected from balloon gifts or drifting bottles, also some special recipes only can be obtained as rewards by finish event quests. 

- Different seasonal crafting materials, fish, bugs, trees, flowers can be collected in different seasons on your island, also you can fly to mystery island with Nook Miles Tickets to gather more. 

- Buy seasonal items such as Christmas clothing and New Year’s food with ACNH bells in Nook Shopping

- Use Nook Miles to unlock special cool hairstyles, hair colors, tool recipes, and even buy some special furniture and items.

How To Earn ACNH Bells In-Game?

- Sell items, fruits, shells, bugs, fish, fossils, and anything else that can be found for bells

- Plant a bell bag and grow bell trees to harvest more Bell bags

- Shoot down balloon presents to get a chance of being gifted 10,000 to 30,000 Bells

- Look for the lucky money rock and struck it to get up to 16,400 Bells

How To Earn Nook Miles Tickets?

- The only way you obtain the Nook Miles Ticket (NMT) in-game by yourself is to use Nook Miles to redeem NMT at the Nook Stop, so you should know how to collect Nook Miles in the blow ways:

- Check out and complete your Nook Miles+ Quest on your Nook Phone, you will get Nook Miles as rewards, sometimes even worth 5x the Miles. 

- Catch bugs and fish, craft tools, plant, and water flowers, talk to villagers, and so on, you'll earn Nook Miles passively just by living your island life and doing things. 

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