Get Free ACNH Items Easily - Join Animal Crossing New Horizons Giveaways On AKRPG.COM

2/24/2021 4:17:32 PM

AKRPG is hosting brand new Animal Crossing New Horizons giveaways for you to get ACNH items easily! The giveaways are for various Animal Crossing items, furniture items, bushes, dresses, critters, tools, flooring, fossil, wallpapers, Festivale-themed items, Super Mario items, new items, and other hot sale ACNH items (the premise of obtaining these items is that you have to complete the required tasks). Now join Animal Crossing New Horizons giveaways to win free and top valued ACNH items! 

Free ACNH Giveaways - How To Join AKRPG Animal Crossing New Horizons Giveaways?

Follow these steps on joining Animal Crossing New Horizons Giveaways to get ACNH Items for free on!

1. Sign up for an account on, and set your game platform (if you already have an account please sign in to set up).

2. Head over to and check out all available Animal Crossing giveaways.

3. Select the giveaway you want to join and click “Join Now”.

4. Then you will see a set of quests to be completed for joining the giveaway.

5. Click each task and and “Check” to achieve the quest. 

6. You will qualify for the giveaway when you've completed the necessary tasks within the specified time.

7. A set number of winners will be selected from users who have completed the quests once the giveaway time has ended. And they will be announced on the GIVEAWAY and receive an email notification.

8. Rewards & free ACNH items will be sent in 24 hours after the email notification sent to the winners

Welcome to join the ACNH giveaways on AKRPG.COM to complete tasks and win free ACNH items, 100% free to all AC players on Switch!

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