How To Make Bells In Animal Crossing New Horizons - Bells Hack For Animal Crossing
1/5/2021 9:30:34 AM

Bells. These money bags control our gameplay and have been the main mechanic in the Animal Crossing series since the beginning. Bells are required to move the story along, expand your house, buy clothes, and furniture. Just like in real life, bells run practically everything. So, what's the best way to farm them? There are a few ways to grind out those bells and get rich quick.

#1 Crafting

An easy way to make money is with one of the new mechanics to New Horizons, crafting! One of the first items you can sell when you just start is fruit. Your island will have one type of native fruit out of the five different fruit available in the game. These are a good beginning item to sell. Native fruit only nets you 100 bells per fruit. Not bad but not the best either. One of the mystery islands you can find by using Nook Miles Tickets will have your sister fruit. This is a non-native fruit to your home island that is available to you if you island hop and have enough Nook Miles that is. Your best course of action is to fill up your pockets with the sister fruit, bring it back to your home island, and plant an entire orchard of them. Each non-native fruit sells for 500 bells. It doesn't seem like a lot at first, but once you shake tons of trees to collect fruit, an entire double expanded pocketful of non-native fruit will get you 200,000 bells. That's your second house loan completely paid off with fruit you've grown yourself. While you're on that mystery island, make sure to grab some coconuts. They only sell for 250 bells each, but they're worth your time if you have the extra pocket space. You should get your fourth type of fruit in your mailbox from your Mom. She'll only give you one, so, you'll have to spend the time planting, growing, and planting again to make it worth your while. This type of fruit is also considered non-native and will sell for 500 bells per fruit. 

#2 Pumpkin

Pumpkins, which are actually a fruit, are available to purchase from Nook's Cranny during October, or Leif during the rest of the year. Pumpkins take four days to grow initially, like trees, then after picking the fruit the first time, the plants will produce additional fruit in three days, again, just like the fruit trees. They come in four different colors, but regardless of the color, each pumpkin sells for 350 bells. Not quite as good as non-native fruit, but they only require one square of space to grow whereas fruit trees require one square for the tree and an empty square surrounding the tree. Long story short, they're definitely worth your time to water and grow. 

#3 Money Tree

Another tree that can grant you a ton of bells is the money tree. Every day, there will be a gold spot shining on the ground. If you dig it up with your shovel, your character will receive 1,000 bells. After you dig up the money, the hole will shine like crazy. It's just begging for you to bury your money. And you should absolutely give in. Once you do, a money tree will begin to grow in its place. You can then dig these up and move them to a new location. It makes it easier to find your money later. Money trees are a good way to triple your money in 4 days. If you have 10,000 bells to spare, plant 10,000 bells. If you have less than that available to throw into the ground, only plant 100 bells. 

#4 Crafting Resources

Separately, there is a chance to get 100 bells from regular trees around your island when you shake them. It's very time consuming, but if you're looking for resources, the bells can pop out and surprise you. While running around your island, you'll find large rocks. You can hit these for crafting resources. but one each day will give you money. Successfully hitting the rock 8 times will result in 16,100 bells popping out. Every time you hit a rock with your shovel, your character will be forced backward, eventually far enough that you won't be able to reach the rock anymore. The best strategy is to dig two holes behind your character so that you are diagonal to the rock. Then, start mashing that A button quickly and hope for the best. Mash too slow and the rock will stop producing items, which is where the big bags of bells appear. It might take a couple of tries, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to get all 16,100 bells from the money rock every day. If you use a few Nook Miles tickets, you might find yourself stumbling across money rock island. This island contains 6 rocks, all of which are like the singular money rock at your home island. Each rock nets you the full 16,100 if you mash A successfully. There is only a 5% chance of finding this island when Mystery Island hopping, so try to not rely on it. But it's good to be aware that it exists if you happen upon it. 

#5 Fossils

All of the fossils can be donated to the museum, but if you've already donated them or are not interested in completing your museum, these are worth your time to collect and sell. Four fossils appear buried on your island every day. Find them, have them assessed, then walk those things right on over to Nook's Cranny sell these seemingly priceless old bones to two children who know exactly what to do with museum-quality artifacts. 

#6 Fish, Bugs, And Sea Creatures 

Fish, bugs, and sea creatures change with the time of year and time of day. Keep an eye out for the rare ones. Some fish can sell for up to 15,000 bells. That's a pretty good fishing trip. Of course, those are hard to find, but a pocketful of common fish can still be worth a decent amount. The bugs are very similar to the most expensive coming in at 12,000 bells. Buy yourself a wetsuit and get diving to find sea creatures that.. again can hit the 15,000 bell mark. If you're all done with your daily money tree, money rock, and sold all your fruit, fishing, bug catching, and diving are your ways of making more bells throughout the day. And you can use manila clams to craft bait and catch fish quicker! Throw it right in the water without having to search the seas for your next catch!

#7 Stonks

Turnips will make you a ton of money. If you are lucky and Timmy and Tommy are nice to you, anyway. You can purchase turnips from 5 am to noon every Sunday morning. The buy price changes each week but ranges anywhere from 90 to 110 bells. Sell prices. Well, those can be anywhere from way less than you paid, to 600% of what you paid for your turnips for the week. And where Animal Crossing friends can help out a lot. Everyone's island will have one of four patterns: large spike, small spike, fluctuating and decreasing. A large spike is a pattern that everyone wants; it's when the good prices appear. You can make buckets of bells. 


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