Animal Crossing New Horizons Updates For 2021 - 7 Changes & New Events In ACNH January Updates
1/5/2021 11:42:59 AM

Happy New Year! There will be upcoming updates events in Animal Crossing New Horizons island throughout January 2021. Here’s the ACNH guide will help you highlight everything you need to know about ACNH January Events Updates & 7 Changes.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Updates For 2021 - 7 Changes & New Events In ACNH January Updates

As we all expected, in the coming weeks, there will be the amount of 2021 ACNH Event changes and updates will available on the island. The following Animal Crossing January changes details will be listed, includes seasonal adjustments in both hemispheres, seasonal items & materials, Fishing Tourny Events, Festivale Event, bug-off Event.


1.. Seasonal Items 

During the brand new month of January update in Animal Crossing new update, seasonal items and exclusive limited-time items are available to purchase from either the nook stop terminal found at the resident services center or the nook shopping app on the nook phone. If you've unlocked it in celebration of the new year, the latest ACNH seasonal items can be found under the seasonal tab and purchased with ACNH Bells from January the 1st through to January the 15th.  Seven new items can be ordered up to 5 items per day in Animal Crossing New Horizons January 2021 Updates.

Here are the new seasonal items, don’t miss the chance to collect them


2021 Celebratory Arch - 2021 ACNH bells

Olivier Salad - 1000 ACNH bells

Zodiac Ox Figurine - 1600 ACNH bells

Kagamimochi - 1800 ACNH bells

Kadomatsu - 2580 ACNH bells

New Year's Shimekazari - 2000 ACNH bells

Yuck Nori - 1300 ACNH bells

3. Seasonal Materials


Starting from the 6th of January, festive lights that are currently decorating cedar trees throughout the island will be removed. Besides, the ornament crafting materials will no longer spawn even if you’re shaking trees until next year. You’d better hurry up, there are only a few days left to find the red blue and gold ornaments before they disappear. What’s more, festive DIY Recipes for holiday-themed items such as the big festival tree, the illuminated reindeer and the holiday candle will be harder to craft. Fortunately, materials like snowflakes will continue to fall well into February. So, seize the chance to get these unique holiday items to decorate your island!

3. Island Aesthetics

In the latest January 2021 ACNH Updates, there are environmental changes happening throughout both hemispheres. Meanwhile, there’re building Aesthetics Changes, for example, Nook's cranny has less festive winter decorations now.


- Northern Hemisphere. From January the 1st, the players in the northern hemisphere will see holly bush's lose flowers and return to regular green bushes. However red and pink camellia bushes will start blooming instead and continue to flower well into spring.

- Southern Hemisphere. Players in the southern hemisphere will be able to see some changes about plants in Animal Crossing. Such as the pink and blue hydrangeas that began blooming in December will return to regular bushes from January the 20th. Luckily, you can replace it with red and yellow hibiscus instead.

4. Fishing Tourney Event


Animal Crossing 2021 updates for Fishing Tourney Events will hold on 9th January in both hemispheres. No matter what region you're playing in, players in both the northern and southern hemispheres will see the first fishing tourney of the year. This is surprisingly only the fourth fishing tourney since the launch of the game. Naturally, different hemispheres will feature slightly different fish during the event. As players in the northern hemisphere will be taking part in the winter fishing tourney, and players in the southern hemisphere will be taking part in the summer fishing tourney.

What Can You Do During Fishing Fishing Tourney?

All you need to do is catch as many fish as you can before the timer runs out. CJ the host of the fishing tourney event will give you three minutes to catch as many fish as possible and you'll earn points for every fish you catch. The more points you earn the more prizes you can get. Furthermore, it's a great opportunity to get some items you missed in the past or some variants of items you already have such as the fish print poster which comes in a variety of designs.


To craft as much fishing bait as you can before the ACNH 2021 update begins.

5. Bug Off

Starting from January the 16th, 2021, Aimal Crossing New Horizons in the southern hemisphere summer season, players get to take part in the first bug-off contest of the year. Flick will stop by the plaza to host the latest bug off, which is only the third bug off to be hosted in the southern hemisphere since the game released.

Like CJ's fishing tourneys, the bug off challenge is to catch as many bugs as you can before the timer runs out and try to earn a bunch of points. With the point, you can exchange for prizes, but there's currently no way to attract extra bugs. This is an opportunity to enjoy the event and win some items you may have missed or pick up a different trophy from last time. Unfortunately, players in the northern hemisphere won't see a bug off until June, but you can always visit a friend in the southern hemisphere use ACNH Nook Miles Tickets.

6. Critters


Critters probably are the most obvious change to be noticed in Animal Crossing New Horizons January updates. The bugs fish and deep-sea creatures that spawn to encountered around the New Horizons island. The types of critters you can encounter changes every month, although you tend to see more as the season changes rather than in the middle of a season.

 In the northern hemisphere, in the middle of cold winter that there are no new critters swimming around. However, there's a total of 21 new critters to catch for players in the southern hemisphere. Such as cicada shell, the sweet fish and the moon jellyfish.

7. Festivale Event


Festivale Event is based on real-world carnival style celebrations. Nintendo revealed the next ACNH 2021 update is scheduled for late January and teases the special character “pave” now that's all we really know about the 2021 event update changes in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It's expected to drop in the last few days of January with an all-new trailer up to a week beforehand. Pave as a traditional host of the Festivale Event where you can probably tell pave to dance and party and showing off his gorgeous feathers during the celebration.

Above all, it's the contents about ACNH January update changes in the new year, wish all the players can have a great time during the new update!


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