ACNH February Update 2021 - New Events & Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons February & Spring
1/5/2021 4:00:43 PM

A new year has come, we are also looking forward to the ACNH January update brought by Nintendo, what new items, events and changes will be available? Here we listed the events, items, and DIY recipes that are possible to see in February for Animal Crossing New Horizons Northern Hemisphere, check out the ACNH February update 2021, new ACNH items are updated along with the ACNH 1.7 version. 

ACNH February Update 2021

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ACNH February Update 2021 - New Events & Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons February Update


With the launch of the first major ACNH update in 2021, players have the chance to unlock a series of new nook shopping seasonal items, festivale event items, and more themed ACNH items for a limited time, in celebration of the festivale and some mini-events that will occur in February.  

1. ACNH Big Game

To celebrate the Super Bowl takes place in the United States, some Big Game items have been added into the game as seasonal items through the 1.7.0 update. You can buy these items through Nook Stop for a limited time. Even though the Cheer Megaphone comes in a variety of designs, only one of these designs will be available on any given day, but you will be able to find every design on your island eventually.

Big Game Items (January 15th to February 15th):

Football Rug

Football Cheer Megaphone

Fiery Cheer Megaphone

Starry Cheer Megaphone

Glittery Cheer Megaphone


2.  ACNH Setsubun 

Setsubun is a Japanese festival celebrated in real life just before spring, in celebration of Setsubun in New Horizons, the Bean-Tossing Kit has been added through Nook Shopping. More additional ACNH clothing items for this event are available now, they come in a variety of colors including blue, red, and green and can be purchased from the Able Sisters for a specific time.

Setsubun Items (January 25th through to February 3rd):

Bean-Tossing Kit

Horned-Ogre Mask

Ogre Costume

Okame Mask

3. ACNH Groundhog Day 

Groundhog Day is an event held in past Animal Crossing games, to celebrate early Spring. The special item for the Groundhog Day update in ACNH is Resetti Model, which only for sale in a short time.

Groundhog Day Items (January 25th to February 2nd):

Resetti Model

4. ACNH Valentine's Day 

Valentine's Day is a popular festival across the world, and usually takes place in February. Animal Crossing Valentine's Day event is an event based on real-world Valentine's Day, so it will take place on February 14, 2021. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Valentine's Day themed items including Chocolate Heart and Heart-Shaped Bouquet, are available in multiple colors, and it will change daily. The Chocolate Heart is available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry chocolate variations. And the Heart-Shaped Bouquet is available in red, black, purple, pink, white and yellow.  

Valentine's Day Items (February 1st to the 14th):

Chocolate Heart 

Heart-Shaped Bouquet

5. ACNH Lunar New Year 

Lunar New Year in Animal Crossing series is a typical event that occurs in January or February, only held in Korean towns in ACCF and ACNL, and worldwide in ACNH. The time of the Lunar New Year update/event is depending on the actual date of the Chinese New Year and varies every year, in 2021, the Lunar New Year in New Horizons should come on February 12, 2021. To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Lucky Red Envelope and Lunar New Year Decoration will be available for one week at Nook Stop. 

Lunar New Year Items (February 10th to the 17th):

Lucky Red Envelope 

Lunar New Year Decoration

6. ACNH Korean New Year 

Another New Year celebration is Korean New Year, the themed item Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch will be added for best wishes. Note the selling time of the item. 

Korean New Year Items (February 10th to the 17th):

Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch  

7. ACNH Festivale (Northern Hemisphere) - February 15

Nintendo has revealed the latest trailer for the ACNH January update, and confirmed that the update will start from January 28, and the Festivale event is scheduled on February 15 with the return of Pave. The Festivale event will fill with dances and colored feathers. Catch the flying feathers with your net and use them to exchange dance, or themed furniture items. On the day of the Festivale, Pave will visit your island and holds the festival. Help Pave collect colored feathers, you can get exclusive furniture from the Pave as the reward, and take part in other activities during the day. Festivale clothing will also be available at the Able Sisters shop for a limited time in February. 

Festivale Items (February 1st to February 15th):

Festivale Accessory

Festivale Tank dress

Festivale Costume

Festivale Float

Festivale Stall 

Festivale Stage 

Festivale Parasol 

Festivale Lamp 

Festivale Garland 

Festivale Flag 

Festivale Drum 

Festivale Confetti machine 

Festivale Balloon lamp  

More Details: ACNH Festivale Event Guide & Update 2021

8. ACNH February 25 Update - Super Mario Update

Nintendo announced the next update ACNH Mario Update will drop on February 25, and the Super Mario items including furniture and outfits will be available through Nook Shopping on March 1. There is also Teleportation Warp Pipe for changing your location on the island. 

Super Mario Items (Drops on March 1):

1-Up Mushroom 



Fire Flower 

Floating block 

Goal Pole 

Large Mushroom Platform



Small Mushroom Platform

Super Mushroom 

Super Star 


? Block 

Luigi hat 

Mario hat 

Princess Peach crown

Wario hat 

Luigi ‘stache

Mario ‘stache 

Wario ‘stache 

Luigi outfit 

Mario outfit 

Princess Peach dress 

Wario outfit 

Luigi shoes

Mario shoes 

Princess Peach shoes

Wario shoes

Mushroom mural

Block flooring

Lakitu’s Cloud rug

Yoshi’s Egg rug 

ACNH February Update 2021 - Animal Crossing New Horizons February DIY Recipes

Since the Winter in New Horizons will last until February 25, so you can also get some ACNH Winter DIYs, crafting materials and items in the month, in addition, with the departure of Winter, we will usher in Spring, which brings Animal Crossing Spring recipes and new ACNH items

ACNH Winter Snowflake DIYs: December 11 - February 24 (Northern Hemisphere)

ACNH Spring Bamboo DIYs: February 25 - May 31 (Northern Hemisphere)

So in February, you can collect Snowflakes and Young Spring Bamboo to craft different seasonal items and furniture. 

ACNH February Update 2021 - Animal Crossing New Horizons February Critters and Other Items

Please note the following new ACNH critters are based on Northern Hemisphere.

1. New Bugs and Fish in February

Bug name - Location - Sell price - Available months - Catch time

Tiger Beetle - On the ground - 1500 bells (sell price) - February to October - any time

(There are no new fish for Northern Hemisphere in February.)

2. Bugs and Fishing Leaving in February

Bug name - Location - Sell price - Available months - Catch time

Rajah Brooke's Birdwing - Flying - 2500 bells - December to February - 8 AM to 5 PM

Damselfly - On the ground - 500 bells - November to February - any time

Dung Beetle - Near snowballs - 3000 bells - December to February - any time

Fish name - Size - Area -  Sell price - Catch time

Pond Smelt - small - river - 400 bells - any time

Blowfish - medium - sea - 5000 bells - 9 PM to 4 AM

3.  Sea Creatures Leaving in February

Item name - Shadow size - Catch time - Sell price

Sea Pig - medium - 4 PM to 9 AM - 10000 bells 

Oyster - medium - any time - 1100 bells 

Sweet Shrimp - medium - 4 PM to 9 AM - 1400 bells

Venus' Flower Basket - medium - any time - 5000 bells 

(There are no new sea creatures for Norther Hemisphere in February)

6. More ACNH February Items

Other than the above holiday items, more items will be available with the launch of ACNH 1.7.0 update. 


Mermaid Fence

Purple Feather

Rainbow Feather

Red Feather

Green Feather

Blue Feather


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