ACNH Groundhog Day Event & Guide - Groundhog Dates, Items, Changes And More In Animal Crossing
2/3/2021 10:53:18 AM

After February updates, Animal Crossing New Horizons releases a lot of fantastic events like Festivale, Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day and Groundhog Day, which gives us the motivation to participate in the game as much as possible, try to get all the ACNH limited events items. In the ACNH Groundhog Day event guide and update, we will introduce you to the dates, items, event history and changes. In a word, what can we expect in ACNH Groundhog Day 2021?


Animal Crossing New Horizons Groundhog Dates

Every year, a special and unique Groundhog emerges from its burrow on February 2. Legend says if it sees its own shadow, winter will continue for another six weeks. If it doesn’t see its shadow, spring will arrive early. The details about the ACNH Event Groundhog 2021 that you can get through a seasonal tap by pressing x button on an Items Resetti model. Owing to the latest Animal Crossing 1.7 updates in the last week of January, we are free to enjoy the fun of Groundhog Day on our island.


Animal Crossing Groundhog Day Items

To check out the new seasonal ACNH Groundhog Items Resetti model, head to the resident services center and use Nook Stop or access the nook shopping app on the nook phone you can navigate to the seasonal events tab. Meanwhile, you can see all of the current regional holidays and their corresponding items. Resetti model in celebration of Animal Crossing Groundhog days event and costs 2,200 ACNH bells. The 2nd day of February is the final day you can order the ACNH Groundhog Day items Resetti model before it expires. 

These seasonal ACNH event items aren't linked to real-time or time locked in any way,  leading to the fact that you can always time travel back to get them.


Animal Crossing Groundhog Day Event History

Animal Crossing New Horizons Seasonal Groundhog Day event it's a holiday featured in most of the mainline games in the past. For example, on groundhog day in the original tour timer or tautomer would stop by the wishing well, in anticipation of Mr. Resetti burrowing out of the ground to announce an early spring. This much like the legend in real life. After Resetti's appearance, players would receive a flower model in celebration of the new Groundhog Day events. As the game evolved through the years, there’s no doubt that the events changed differently.


The Difference Of Groundhog Day Event In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing Let's Go To The City, Resetti no longer made an appearance during the event, but instead the mayor rewarded the player with a Resetti model in honor of the celebration. By the time New Leaf was released the mini seasonal events such as groundhog day were celebrated with Isabelle and a cardboard cutout standee at the plaza themed around the holiday. Players would obtain a Resetti model for stopping by and taking part in the event.


Unlike in Animal Crossing New Horizons, many regional events were limited to specific regions. Fortunately, all ACNH holiday events and the items available to all players no matter where you are in the world, in order to celebrate them in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


On the one hand, to get excited about February Animal Crossing Groundhog Day is not only that Recetti finally appears in the game. On the other hand, spring is almost upon us which means the snow will melt and the grass and trees will soon change color, and bringing all new critters, crafting materials, characters and events to the game.



Are you are excited about the 2021 ACNH Groundhog Day events? Overall, is the Groundhog Day guide for your Animal Crossing New Horizons.